Waterway Cafe in Palm Beach Gardens sells for $13M

Oct 28, 2017
Restaurant Sales

The Deal of a Lifetime: Waterway Cafe Changes Hands in Palm Beach Gardens

Welcome to our blog exploring the recent sale of Waterway Cafe, a beloved waterfront restaurant in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. In a transaction that took the local real estate industry by storm, the iconic venue changed hands for an impressive $13 million, setting a new benchmark for commercial property sales in the area.

Unveiling the Key Players

The stunning deal was orchestrated by renowned real estate agent Lynn Savits, affiliated with Coldwell Banker. With an extensive track record of success in the Palm Beach County market, Savits exemplifies the expertise and dedication necessary to achieve remarkable results in the world of real estate transactions.

Exploring Waterway Cafe's Legacy

Waterway Cafe has been a cherished establishment for locals and visitors alike for over two decades. Nestled along the picturesque Intracoastal Waterway, this waterfront gem has not only boasted exceptional panoramic views but has also developed a reputation for serving delectable cuisine.

Throughout its history, Waterway Cafe has been a hotspot for friends, families, and couples seeking a unique dining experience. Whether guests were captivated by breathtaking sunsets or arrived by boat to enjoy dockside seating, the restaurant has consistently provided a memorable setting that has left patrons craving more.

The Sale: A Game-Changing Price Tag

The recent sale of Waterway Cafe for an astounding $13 million has shattered previous price records in Palm Beach Gardens and sent shockwaves throughout the real estate landscape. This highly anticipated transaction has illuminated the immense value and allure of prime waterfront properties in the region.

Unraveling the Minds Behind the Transaction

Lynn Savits, the mastermind behind this groundbreaking sale, tirelessly worked to ensure a seamless process for both the buyer and the seller. Savits' comprehensive knowledge of the local market dynamics, coupled with her unparalleled negotiation skills, allowed her to navigate the complexities of this high-profile deal with finesse.

As a seasoned professional, Savits carefully curated a pool of interested parties, ultimately connecting the perfect buyer with their dream investment opportunity. The successful transaction stands as a testament to her commitment to excellence and her ability to facilitate mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties involved.

The Future of Waterway Cafe

While the ownership of Waterway Cafe may have changed hands, the legacy and charm of this iconic restaurant are expected to thrive under new stewardship. The Palm Beach Gardens community eagerly awaits any announcements regarding potential renovations or enhancements that may further elevate the dining experience.

Rest assured that Lynn Savits and the Coldwell Banker team will continue to monitor the future developments of this beloved establishment. Clients and investors interested in similar opportunities are encouraged to reach out to Lynn Savits directly for personalized guidance and tailored real estate solutions.

Join Us in Celebrating a Historic Transaction

The sale of Waterway Cafe for a staggering $13 million marks an exciting milestone for the Palm Beach Gardens real estate market. It serves as a testament to the extraordinary possibilities within the local business and consumer services sector.

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