Steps to Financial Security

Do You Know the basic steps to financial freedom and security from real estate investment?   It may be easier than you think.  To find out, if buying real estate is right for you, take the short quiz below.
1 Why is investing in real estate better than investing in the stock market?
A Real Estate investment provides good tax advantages
B In real estate you make a profit using other people's money.
C Both A and B
2 What is passive appreciation?
A Growth that is passed on to an investor
B Increase in value over time
C A slower rate of appreciation on real property
3 How can you increase active appreciation?
A Upgrading Landscaping
B Adding a room or a garage
C Both A and B
4 Which answer is true about buying real estate?
A It is possible to buy a home with no money down
B Home ownership allows you to depreciate your home on your income tax
C Real estate never goes down in value