Lynn's Real Estate Report


Buyers’ first impressions occur when they reach the street in front of your house or the building where your condominium is located. Will they see a clean and well cared for property with nice landscaping, and a nice neighborhood? I hope so because this is the way to welcome prospective buyers and put them in a receptive and positive frame of mind.


Ta-da! The buyers have just stepped inside the front door and from now on they will either confirm or deny their all important, First Impression. Remember, impressions enter the buyers’ mind through the senses. What will buyers see when they visit your home? What will they hear, smell and touch? Some sellers and/or agents set out cookies and other goodies for prospective buyers to leave a favorable impression on buyers’ sense of taste and smell.


Visual Impressions - A large room crammed with furniture and adornments give the impression that the house is cramped for space whereas a small room furnished appropriately may give the impression of spaciousness. Same thing goes for closets and cupboards. So if you want to make sure that prospective buyers receive good impressions from your home, make sure that clutter and crammed closets and cupboards are done away with. You are planning to move shortly, so pack up some of those dishes, clothes and paraphernalia and put them in storage.

Cleanliness – Your dirty dishes piled up on the sink are very off-putting to prospective buyers. Buyers want to imagine a spotlessly clean home and the wise seller will take extra steps to keep kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms – in fact all rooms as clean and orderly as possible to insure that prospective buyers receive favorable impressions. Make sure that widows and blinds or curtains are clean as well as carpets and upholstered furniture.

Sounds of Silence – You cannot control all outdoor noises but if outdoor noises such as traffic sounds are a problem, you can keep a stereo playing soft, relaxing music.

A Breath of Fresh Air – Unpleasant odors are immediately detected by prospective buyers. If you have pets try to keep their dishes and litter boxes out of the house. Use electronic air filters to minimize cooking and smoking odors. Set out decorative bowls of potpourri, sweet smelling flowers or both to ensure pleasant aromas in every room. If your house smells musty, check for areas of mold and mildew and have the problem corrected before buyers visit your home.


It is not the job of prospective buyers to imagine what a house could be like if it were given a good scrubbing and a fresh coat of paint. I know it is not always easy to keep a home that is lived in looking like a model home but the closer you can come to that ideal the faster your home will sell quickly for a good price