Lynn's Real Estate Report

Real estate agents and sometimes owners themselves rely on a variety of methods that have proven to be successful when selling a home. These methods include, media advertising, property signage, open house, buyer / investor networking, listing in the local MLS and of course, Internet exposure. Some of these methods are more effective than others when it comes to getting the job done. Data collected over the years indicate the following results:


Media advertising results in a little less than 5 percent of sales according to national statistics. However if Internet exposure is added in here then the results go way up. The Internet has become a very popular tool for real estate buyers who search the large real estate database directories as well as individual agentsí Websites. The Internet also adds the advantage to sellers that their home is advertised nationally.


Holding Open House results in about 3 percent of home sales and Property Signs generate good calls and about 10 percent of sales result from a buyer noticing a for sale sign in the front yard. Again, the Internet comes into play and adds impact to both strategies. Prospective often respond to invitations to visit the agentís Website for more information and when agents keep in touch with prospective buyers with a good Real Estate E-newsletter, homes sales increase significantly.


Traditionally about 70 to 80 percent of all home sales result from the homeís listing in the MLS. Homes listed in the MLS benefit from the efforts of hundreds of real estate agents working with qualified buyers nationwide. However, in todayís world the MLS and the Internet enhance and add value to each other.

Locating and qualifying buyers is only part of the home selling process. The fact is that homes that are in tiptop condition, clean and appealing in every respect are much easier to sell than homes that need extensive repairs and maintenance. I encourage you to visit my Website to find helpful information on how to stage and present your home for a fast sale and for top dollar.

The real estate agentís responsibility is to advise a homeowner on good home staging techniques, to present facts concerning recent sales in order to determine fair pricing, to market the home aggressively and wisely and to present the homeowner with offers from qualified buyers.