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Nov 8, 2023


Real Estate Belek is your trusted companion when it comes to buying properties in Istanbul, Turkey. As a well-established real estate agency, we offer a comprehensive range of services along with dedicated property management assistance. Our experienced team of real estate agents strives to make your property buying journey in Istanbul seamless, providing you with access to the best listings and ensuring a successful and satisfying purchase.

Why Istanbul?

Istanbul, Turkey, is an enchanting city that bridges Europe and Asia, offering a unique blend of cultures, history, and natural beauty. With its strategic location, rich heritage, and vibrant lifestyle, Istanbul has become a highly sought-after destination for both local and international property investors.

Explore Istanbul's Property Market

When it comes to buying real estate in Istanbul, it's essential to have a reputable and knowledgeable real estate agency by your side. At Real Estate Belek, we have a deep understanding of the local property market, ensuring that you have access to the most attractive investment opportunities.

Real Estate Agents

Our team of experienced real estate agents specializes in Istanbul's property market. They possess extensive knowledge of the neighborhoods, property types, and pricing trends. Whether you are looking for a luxury villa, apartment, or commercial property, our agents will guide you towards the best options that align with your budget and preferences.

Property Management

At Real Estate Belek, we understand that investing in properties in Istanbul may also require professional property management services. Our dedicated property management team can assist you in handling tenant screenings, rental agreements, property maintenance, and more. We ensure that your investment remains lucrative and hassle-free, even in your absence.

The Benefits of Owning Property in Istanbul

Investing in Istanbul's real estate market presents numerous advantages:

  1. High Return on Investment (ROI): Istanbul offers great potential for high returns on property investments. The city's dynamic economy, growing tourism sector, and increasing demand for housing make it a profitable market.
  2. Diverse Portfolio: Istanbul provides a wide range of property options, from historical houses in the Old City to modern apartments with stunning sea views. Whatever your preference, we have the properties that match your requirements.
  3. Cultural Richness: Istanbul's rich history and cultural heritage make it a fascinating place to own property. With iconic landmarks such as the Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and the Grand Bazaar, you'll be surrounded by centuries of history and charm.
  4. Growing Tourism Sector: Istanbul attracts millions of tourists every year, creating a strong demand for short-term rentals. Owning a property in Istanbul can be a lucrative opportunity for generating rental income.
  5. Moderate Cost of Living: Compared to other major cities around the world, Istanbul offers a relatively moderate cost of living, making it an attractive destination for individuals and families looking to settle down.

Finding Your Dream Property

With Real Estate Belek, finding your dream property in Istanbul is made easy. Our user-friendly website,, provides a comprehensive listing of available properties, complete with detailed descriptions, high-quality images, and virtual tours.

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Using our advanced search filters, you can narrow down your options based on location, property type, budget, and other specific requirements. Whether you're looking for a property in the vibrant districts of Beyoglu or the serene coastal areas of Kadikoy, our website has you covered.

Expert Assistance and Guidance

Real Estate Belek offers more than just an extensive property listing. Our team of real estate agents is available to provide expert assistance and personalized guidance throughout the entire buying process. From initial property selection to negotiations, legal paperwork, and closing the deal, we ensure that you are supported every step of the way.

Contact Real Estate Belek Today

If you are ready to embark on your journey to buy properties in Istanbul, Turkey, then Real Estate Belek is your trusted partner. Visit our website,, browse our listings, and get in touch with our experienced real estate agents. Let us help you find your dream property in this captivating city and make your investment a resounding success.